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Republic of the Philippines
College of Information and Communications Technology
City of Malolos

8ft. Under (2D Shooter)

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Game Design Document

2D Shooter
Version 3.0

Position Title
Zsannen Mariano
Jennielyn Martin
Storyboard Artist
Patricia Camua
Writer/Storyboard Artist
Diane Usi
Hendrick Acosta

Submitted to
Iana Christine D. Hilario
Instructor, CICT

Vogomondo is a citizen of a small farm named Flabiel, who dreamt of being the best scientist in the world. He spent his life in formulating a medicine that could cure any kind of disease and at the same time increases life span for human being. Living in a farm is one of the limitations that he has encountered in making the formula successful, that’s why he ask the help of the city people who were very excellent in technology. But instead of expecting the help that he ask, Vogomondo was deceived by the city people by stealing his formula and selling it commercially. This causes Vogomondo so much anger that puts him to make revenge. He did not told the city scientist that the formula has two types and if the formula was not taken completely, it will cause infection making a person turn into some kind of a living dead.

After a few weeks, almost all the people in the city are infected. Vogomondo became very mad and he ran off to a faraway cave and continues making formulas to infect more people. But Vogomondo has concerned friends; Rouin, Ririko and Krak-Krak. They don’t want this situation to be more drastic. They manage to make a formula to serve as an antidote. After completing it, they start they journey to search their lost friend Vogomondo and heal all the infected creature. Gameplay

The character must get to the end of the level by eliminating the zombies created by the evil teenage town boy from a faraway farm. There are different weapons the character can collect and use during the game. There are 3 major levels. Each stage has its boss were you can get the pieces of formula which can eradicate all the corpse. Every 100 coins, the character can be able to kill the zombies without using weapons. Enemies include Crawler, Berserker, Spitter, Big Joey (Boss), Marita (Boss), Vogomondo (Boss). All enemies can be defeated by using different weapons equipped. Every enemy has its own ability, life, movement, strength and weakness. The stage bosses have its own ability and attack.

Player Objective
Primary Objective: Finish every game level and collect all the missing formulas for the antidote. Collect coins
Attack Enemies
Learn to attack
Learn to move

Core Gameplay Mechanics
Player Character Abilities
Speed , Strength, Weaknesses
Enemy Character Abilities
Charge Attack
Search Radius

8ft. Under uses an orthographic camera to display the details of the environment and profile of the characters. The camera follows the player character.

The control scheme for 8ft. Under is designed to take advantage of both the keyboard and the mouse. Player Action

WASD (arrow keys)

Change weapons




Ririko is one of the city people that Vogomondo asked for help to save the city. She is a bit scared in fighting the zombies, but she can finish them with her knowledge in technology. She is also dies quickly. So in using this character, you should be tough in finding collectibles to survive the game. Stat Ability

3 hearts
Range, 5 units per distance


Like Ririko, Rouin is also one of the city people Vogomondo asked for help to save the city. He is one of the survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse happened a decade ago. He doesn’t have any knowledge about technology but he is talented in holding a gun and...
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