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281 ICC Individual Journal Proposal F

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281 ICC Individual Reflective Journal (25%)

Choose ONE of the two topics and write in 1000-1200 words.

Question I (25%)

Choose a cultural group against which you have biases, and interview a member of that group for personal reflective learning.

Brainstorming: Ask yourself the following questions for project preparation:

How would you define culture and a cultural group?
Which cultural group have you identified for the case study?
How would you describe the cultural group concerned?
How did your attitude affect your communication with the cultural group mentioned?
What questions would you like to ask a member of the group identified?
How did the interview go?
Did the interview affect your attitude? In what ways did it change your attitude, if any?
What concepts and theoretical frameworks could be applied to your case analysis of intercultural communication?
What would you suggest to enhance intercultural communication and competence?
What have you learnt most from the individual project?

Try to spend a day or at least a few hours with the interviewee for more profound study of yourself and the interviewee.

After conducting the interview, write an individual reflective learning journal to share your learning experience in 1000-1200 words.

Specify the Topic and give a proper Title on the cover page.
Include a project photo. You may take photos of the hands or feet of the participants for privacy reasons. Show your creativity.
Write the journal in an essay format.
Do NOT structure your paper simply based on the above questions.
Make good use of topic sentences in body paragraphs for more structured, self-reflective and culturally conscious presentation.
Show your awareness of the essentiality of intercultural competence.
Provide citations properly and submit your paper via Turnitin on Soul 2.0.

Submit a one-page outline of your paper for your lecturer’s review and approval at least two weeks before the submission date.
281 Intercultural Communication and Competence

Individual Review Journal Proposal

Name: Class: 281-01- ( )
Email: __________________________________________

The Paper is aimed to :
1. __________________________________________________________________
2. __________________________________________________________________
3. __________________________________________________________________
4. __________________________________________________________________
5. __________________________________________________________________

Research : Readings/Concepts to be applied:
1 __________________________________________________________________
2 __________________________________________________________________
3 __________________________________________________________________
Interview Questions (Chinese and English as appropriate):

Working Plan

Completion Date





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