28 days
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A Night At The Movies:

NAME: Date: 7/3/12 Points: ________/7.5

MOVIE: 28 Days
1. Briefly describe the plot of the movie: Gwen (Sandra Bullock) plays a party girl journalist from New York. Her sister is an uptight controlling bride to be. They were raised by an alcoholic single mother. At her sister’s wedding she arrived late and added another great disappointment to her sister as she fell into the cake and stole the limo to find a cake store. Gwen then crashed into a house and was ordered by the court to go to jail or to check in to a Rehab Center. As she arrives to the rehab center she finds herself uncomfortable and does not participate in the group activities. Gwen falls out of a window and sprains her ankle after trying to retrieve the Vicodin she tossed. She is in severe denial of her alcohol problem and so is her boyfriend who comes and takes her out to get drunk. When she returned, the counselor was upset and threatened to kick her out and send her to jail. Gwen then realizes she needs to take her situation seriously and start to participate. She becomes friends with the other patients and becomes close to her teenage roommate there for heroin abuse. Gwen starts to understand her past and tries to make amends with her sister. Her boyfriend still is not taking her situation seriously and asks her to marry him. He also brings a bottle of champagne to celebrate. She tries to explain how her wants and needs are changing and he does not respond or validate her. Her roommate overdoses the night before she is discharged from the rehab. Gwen is extremely affected by this. When Gwen is discharged her boyfriend wants to stay out after their dinner and party. She told him she doesn’t want to live this way and leaves him. Gwen has more confidence and is seen walking with her head held high and has a sense of a new beginning. She later runs into a friend from Rehab at a store and they shared some laughs. .5 Point

2. What is the

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