26 Jan Republic Day

Topics: Environment, Solar energy, Natural environment Pages: 3 (403 words) Published: January 16, 2013
India is the most “environmental friendly” place

one can ever find.These are a few ways I found for

a common person like me can do in day-today life

:1)Dry your clothes in sun save energy 2)Make a

small garden with at-least one vegetable 3)Please

recycle your cell phones(they become toxic if

thrown away) 4)Car pool or use more of public

transport 5)Use less plastic utensils buy steel

vessels they last longer too 6)Use reusable

shopping bags(MOST NEEDED)7)Go shopping to a

local farmer once in a while 8)Use Compact

Florescent Lights 9)Unplug unused appliances

when not in use 10)You made the waste you are

responsible for proper disposal 11)PLEASE DO NOT


her!!!12)In India we use less baby disposable

diapers!!Lets continue to do so 13)We see more

buildings grow in India but not trees. Happy

Republic day!

India is a country with great potential. The country

is in development stages with great interest from

foreign investors. They stand in a great position to

learn from the development of other counties. The

push for smart growth and sustainable

development in other countries can be a model for

the future in India.
With population in the county very high, it is very

important to build in a way that will optimize

housing and transportation. Using planning will

help develop cities that use space more efficiently

and decrease the overall footprint of the city.

Having a well developed transportation system will

cut down the use of cars and congestion in the city

allowing for better flow and an overall more

enjoyable place to be.
If the people of India push for a more green

friendly development, they will set themselves up

for a very bright future.

Enter you essayIndia is a Beautiful country with

many beautiful people. The downfall of so many

people is making an impact on the...
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