235 Exam 1 Spring 2014 For Students 1

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Jurisdiction Pages: 15 (5121 words) Published: November 13, 2014
235 Exam 1 Spring 2014

Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

____1.Ethics is the branch of philosophy that focuses on what constitutes right and wrong behavior.

____2.Acting in good faith gives a business firm a better chance of defending its actions in court.

____3.Corporations can be perceived as owing ethical duties to groups other than their shareholders.

____4.Ethics is concerned with the fairness or justness of an action.

____5.Business ethics focuses on ethical behavior in the business world.

____6.Business ethics applies only to the owners, operators, and employees of corporations.

____7.The minimal acceptable standard for ethical behavior is compliance with the law.

____8.An action may be legal but not ethical.

____9.An action may be legal and ethical.

____10.Simply obeying the law does not fulfill all ethical obligations.

____11.Business ethics is consistent only with short-run profit maximization.

____12.The most common reason that ethical problems occur in business is an overemphasis on long-run profit maximization.

____13.The legality of an action is always clear.

____14.A business firm can sometimes predict whether a given action is legal.

____15.Managers must apply different standards to themselves than they apply to their employees.

____16.Ethical codes of conduct can set the ethical tone of a firm.

____17.An ethics program can clarify what a company considers to be unacceptable conduct.

____18.Setting realistic workplace goals can reduce the probability that employees will act unethically.

____19.Corporate ethical policies must be clearly communicated to be effective.

____20.Ethical standards based on religious teachings tend to be absolute.

____21.Ethical reasoning is the process through which an individual rationalizes whatever action he or she chooses to take.

____22.Under the principle of rights theory, one person's set of values is as "right" as another's.

____23.In ethical terms, a cost-benefit analysis is an assessment of the negative and positive effects of alternative actions on individuals.

____24.According to utilitarianism, it does not matter how many people suffer a negative effect from an act.

____25.According to utilitarianism, an action that affects the majority adversely is morally wrong.

____26.If an action is ethical from an outcome-based perspective, it is always ethical from a duty-based perspective.

____27.Corporations can be good citizens by promoting goals that society deems worthwhile.

____28.A business firm's profits may suffer if the firm is not a "good corporate citizen."

____29.To be ethical is to "do the right thing" but it does not otherwise "pay."

____30.Businesspersons who would choose to act unethically may be deterred from doing so because of public opinion.

____31.A business organization and its actions cannot be based on trust.

____32.One guideline to evaluating the ethics of a particular action is to "let your conscience be your guide."

____33.The role played by women may present some difficult ethical problems for firms doing business internationally.

____34.Bribery of foreign government officials is both an ethical and a legal issue.

____35.Some U.S. bribery laws are directed toward accountants.

____36.The function of the courts is to interpret and apply the law.

____37.The courts can decide whether the other branches of government have acted within the scope of their constitutional authority.

____38.A state court can exercise jurisdiction over any person within the boundaries of the state.

____39.A state court can exercise jurisdiction over any property within the boundaries of the state regardless of the property owner's location.

____40.A long arm statute permits a court to exercise jurisdiction over an out-of-state defendant.

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