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Online classes are becoming a common feature of higher education, and this has led some educators to explore whether all of the features associated with a college experience could be accomplished online, but some argue that it’s better to study full-time at a college or university. In my opinion online classes can be very beneficial. Thus, this essay will discuss about the different between online classes and full-time classes at college or university. First of all, the tuition cost of colleges and universities soaring and education technology advancing, online courses and degree programs are becoming more common. Some argue that an online degree cannot provide all the important features of a traditional college education, from extracurricular activities to new professional networks, but the evidence disputes much of that criticism, especially for certain groups of students. Indeed, some aspects of online education may provide a better experience than a traditional brick-and-mortar college for some students. Online education provides an excellent source for learning because each student can work at his or her own pace. There are no distractions from other students and the lessons can be completed at a time that is convenient for the student. Online instructors are available to offer assistance if needed, so the student is not left to decipher the material on his own. The lessons provided online are consistent for all students which corrects for the problem of one student getting a better teacher than another, as often happens in traditional schooling. Also, the cost of an online education is much less than what a traditional school would charge, making it available to those who may otherwise not be able to receive an education. Moreover, at the other end of the spectrum will always be students who, for various reasons, want only the traditional on-campus college experience. For some of these students, the campus appeal may consist in the...
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