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Name: Remon Mossa Hanna
Asyut Group (A)

1- What do you feel Coca-Cola has to offer potential employees? How does this help Coca-Cola attract a quality workforce? Coca Cola does not prefer external recruitment their basic focus is on internal recruitment. They maintain a talent bank for meeting internal hiring needs they only do external hiring in case of sudden recruitments they forecast their future needs and collect the data of applicants in advance Coca-Cola has to offer potential employees because they have attracting high-quality workforce whose talents match well with the jobs to be done. To attract the right people, an organization must first know exactly what it is looking for, it must have a clear understanding of the jobs to be done and the talents required to do them all. Then it must have the system in place to excel at employee recruitment and selection. Planning,

Recruiting techniques
Selection techniques
All this will help Coca-Cola attract a quality workforce.
a-human resource planning identifies staffing needs, assesses the existing workforce and determines what addition or replacements are required for the future. Human resource planning include job analysis studies exactly what is done in a job and why also include job description details the duties and responsibilities of a job holder. Recruiting techniques is a set of activities designed to attract a qualified pool of job applicants to an organization. Three steps in atypical recruitment process are advertisement of a job vacancy, preliminary contact with potential job candidates and initial screening to create a pool of qualified applicants. Selection techniques the selection process is a prediction exercise since the manager is trying to determine which applicants will perform well if hired. For this reason, selection techniques must demonstrate reliability and validity if they are to be effective predictors. This intentional focus on employing the right people in the right areas of responsibility is of paramount importance to ensuring continued success at Coca-Cola

2- Why would Coca-Cola want to employ the use of external as well as internal recruitment of potential job candidates? Which do you feel would yield the best results, and why? Internal recruiting:-

Recruiting source seeking applicants for positions from among the ranks of those currently employed Advantages
Better assessment of candidates
Reduces training time
Motivates employees
High Performance Work System characteristic
Internal Recruiting disadvantages
Creates vacancies
Insufficient supply of candidates
External recruiting:-
Recruiting source seeking applicants for positions from outside the organization. Advantages
increases diversity
facilitates growth
shortens training time
A theory that you get new problem solving
less reliable data
Coca-Cola want to employ the use of external and internal recruitment because both recruitment methods have potential advantages and disadvantages. External recruitment brings in outsiders with fresh perspectives, expertise and work experience. But less reliable information about the applicant is available and more training time wills probably de required. External recruitment also tends to be tome consuming and expensive. Internal recruitment is usually quicker, less expensive and focuses on person whose performance records are well known. A history of internal recruitment also builds employees commitment and motivation by showing that opportunities exist to advance within the organization. Internal recruitment also helps to reduce turnover rates and aids the retention of high quality employees. External and internal recruitment would yield the best result because many candidates and...
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