20years from Now, Printed Books Will Disappear

Topics: Education, Government, History Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: May 8, 2012
20years from now, printed books will disappear

Nowadays, a growing number of people take it for granted that published books will be gone in the future and be replaced by electronic methods. However, contrary to this notion, I firmly believe that books will never disappear. The rationale behind this is that they are historically invaluable and indispensible for educational purposes

First of all, printed books are a priceless asset historically. An important reason for this is that from the past, people have recorded almost every aspect of their lives such as memorable events, recipes of foods, and even their own techniques of their work on a book. Thus, books are needed to learn about the past and utilize this knowledge in modern life. For example, the ancestors of our country had recorded all the events that happened in our first government in one book. Using the knowledge, our government is able to rule our country very well. This is because they learned from the records things such as how they obtained agreement from the public, or the duties they thought were important, and what mind they had when they were trying to make our country better. This example clearly proves that books contain invaluable historical knowledge that nothing can replace.

Moreover, books are needed in order to educate people. The fundamental reason behind this is that books cost less to educate people rather than electronic materials such as TV, computers, and projectors that cost ten to fifty times more than books which make the government unable to distribute them all over the country or a poor child unable to afford them causing an imbalance in education. For instance, according to a reliable research association called Korea Research Association of Government Spending (KRAGS), if the government tries to give all the schools in the nation high-tech equipment such as TV, computers, and monitors to educate students, it will cause approximately a hundred billion dollars which...
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