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Continual professional development is important because it shows that you are thinking of your own career and that you wish to develop and progress in your own career. It also allows you to reflect upon what you have done and how you would improve upon or do differently next time. Part of the development plan is to log all courses that you have attended that will be beneficial so any gaps in knowledge or training can be identified and resolved in the future as wells as helping you when applying for future jobs or courses.

Teamwork in school as in any work place is important as it means that they have share purpose or a common purpose. Within a school it is easy to become busy and preoccupied with things that need doing and sight of the wider picture can be lost. Regular team meeting and prioritise how they work together for the benefit of the pupils should help. By working together as a team it will create a happy relaxed atmosphere which will benefit the pupils learning as well as setting good examples to the children of how teamwork helps everyone. A good team should respect one another, be committed to its aims, has a sense of purpose an communicate regularly.

Within my team my role is to support groups of children with differing needs who are falling below the standard expected. I work along side the SENCO, Class TA and class teacher to provide these children with the extra support that is needed to try to raise their achievement level so that they can achieve their full potential. I work to the planning set by the class teacher and SENCO so that I am clear what the objective is and how I am to work. I also work across a year group as a classroom assistant working closely with the class teachers and other TA I am made aware of the planning and learning activities that are taking place this and next week so that I have a clear understanding of my role and the objectives for the lessons. (see appendix C) As part of the whole school team I am aware of...
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