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2.03a Patrick Henry
1. According to Patrick Henry, there was one basic question being debated at the Virginia Convention. "Give me Liberty, or give me Death!" is a famous quotation attributed to Patrick Henry. Patrick Henry made it very clear that if he did not have freedom, then he would rather die. 2. At the time, Patrick Henry did not trust the British. The British at the time did not treat the colonists fair. In his speech at the House of Burgesses, he continued to urge the legislature to take military action on the British military force. 3. Henry argued that the colonies were way to weak to fight the British. He said how God provided the colonies with the strength to combat their adversary. This meant that they would only be able to win if the colonies don’t just sit around and do nothing. 4. Henry was implying that there was a higher power that was worthy for loyalty. He claimed how the earthly kings were not worthy to be loyal to. His tone was so strong; it made people agree with him. 5. Henrys final words were so effective and memorable. This is because it was a cutting sentence. This will show his sincerity to what he believes in and that he would die for it. 6. An example of a rhetorical question is found in the first part of his speech. When Henry says “the majesty of heaven…above all earthly kings?” was one of the rhetorical questions found in his speech. He was stating this because it was a question that answered itself. This made his listeners agree with his cause. 7. Patrick Henry’s most famous quote, “give me liberty or give me death,” contains parallel structure. He was willing to die for his cause. If he did not get the freedom, then he would rather die. 8. Patrick Henry used allusions in his speech. One of his allusions comes from the Greek story of “The Odyssey.” In the story, the sirens are creatures that lure man away from their course. Henry compares the sires to the habits of men that try to close their eyes to not see what is...
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