2020 Foresight Report: Maximizing Retail Banking Cost Efficiencies

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ResearchMoz.us include new market research report" 2020 Foresight Report: Maximizing Retail Banking Cost Efficiencies" to its huge collection of research reports.

Banks across the world are revisiting their operational strategies, branch banking models, distribution channels and expansion strategies to achieve cost efficiencies and increase profits. To increase profitability, the focus is on selling high-margin profitable products and services, and scaling down unprofitable operations. There has been increased emphasis on utilizing technology to improve profitability and achieve cost efficiencies; the role of technology has changed from being a process driver to a revenue generator.

Retail banks are using technology to increase profitability by utilizing customer relationship management (CRM) systems and consumer analytics to identify new customer groups and offer customized products and services to targeted customers. In addition, key measures adopted by retail banks to improve operational efficiencies include an increase in information technology (IT) spending and upgrading IT systems.

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This report provides a comprehensive analysis on various strategies adopted by banks to maximize cost efficiencies It provides detailed analysis on current and future drivers of retail banking profitability It outlines the impact of current regulatory changes on branch banking It provides insights into technology strategies adopted by retail banks to drive profitability. It examines the best-practice product design frameworks adopted by retail banks to drive profitability It examines the best practices in distribution channels and consumer-engagement strategies adopted by retail banks to drive profitability It presents case studies which illustrate how retail banks across different markets have successfully implemented expense...
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