Topics: National Football League, Racism, American football Pages: 3 (349 words) Published: March 15, 2015

Old and New Forms of Racial Bias i
Mediated Sports Commentary: The Case
Of the National Football League Draft

Jonathan Freeman
University Of Southern Mississippi

This investigation gives a few vital bits of knowledge into both commonplace and novel structures of racial inclination in games analysis. To begin with, games analysts reliably surrounded White competitors, thought about to non-White players, regarding their mental capacities. The utilization of this mental edge has been a predictable generalization in games critique furthermore the study strengthens these past discoveries to a wonderful degree. Non-White Athletes are more often given props for their athletic ability using terms such as “born athlete” and “natural ability”. These stereotypes of these athletes are widely used among different publications and in different regions. The information presented in this article was something that did not surprise me. I have always been aware of the bias in sports when it comes to athletes. White athletes have always been considered the more mentally capable individuals. This stereotype has always shown in the analysis of the players. A white and non-white quarterback could have the same amount of athletic ability. The nonwhite Quarterback would be described as an “athlete playing quarterback” when the white quarterback would be described as “very athletic quarterback”. Throughout sports you will see white players in the position that is most control of the team. Non-white players often fill the rest of the roster when they're “natural ability” is more of a factor on the team. The analysis of the bias is merely a reflection of the product that is on the playing field every Sunday. 81 percent of the teams in the NFL have white quarterbacks. So their analysis of the bias in commentary is an accurate representation of what’s on the field.


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