2015 Salvation Army Summary

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MGT 471 Strategic Management
Case Preparation Summary for Case Discussion
To be prepared for Salvation Army Case

Case Name_________salvation army____ Student Name___________Eric Boyd_________

What is the strategic purpose of the Salvation Army in terms of the following: a. Mission- There mission is a consice way of dricribing what the orgainiztion is about. Its dedicated to telling two main things about the orgainzation. First, that it is a chirstian orginaization with the mission to spread their belifes. Secondly, that the Salvation Army gives aids to anyone whose in need. b. Vision- There vision of "One Army. One mission. One Message." seeks to unifiy the entire organization under one common goal.

c. Values- Salvation Army heavily emphises Christian values.

d. Objectives- To spead chirsitanity and provide aid.

2. Based on the information in the case, list at least 5 major stakeholders who cannot be ignored and are important to the long-term success of the organization. Rank the list in the order of current importance in your opinion.

1. Donors (Private & Corporate)
2. Employees and Volunteers
3. Host Governments
4. Other NGO's
5. Receipient of Aid

3. Based on the external environment, where do you see the best opportunities for Salvation Army in the future? Describe at least one important opportunity and explain.

Due to the seccuess of there red kettel fundrasing they should ephesise there high controbution percentage and redouble efforts in an attempt to exceed record high donations.

4. Is your opportunity consistent with the mission, vision and values of the organization? Where are any inconsistencies?

Fund rasing does aline with their orgainisations missions visons and values becuaes they need funding in order to acheive there goals.

5. Look at your list of current stakeholders—would each be supportive of the opportunity. Which stakeholders might be hesitant to support and why?

The donors...
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