2014-2015 Mock trial Starter kit

Topics: Crime, Police, Witness Pages: 3 (1087 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Would you please introduce yourself to the court room?
Hello, my name is Jordanus Asterion (Hordanus Astrion)
What do you do for a living, Mr. Asterion?
I am an attorney
How long have you been an attorney?
Well I practiced for about 20 years, then I had a bit of a mishap but now I’m back to practicing, heck I got my biggest case ever just this year! This miss hap, what happened?
It all started back in 2012, it was one drink then I was hooked, I was jobless, homeless, and recently divorced. I was living on the streets, in parking garages, or where ever I could. But, after the incident, I sobered up, got my law license reinstated, and got back together with my family. Are you referring to the death of cervus carona?

Can you tell the jury what you saw?
Well my dog woke me up and I saw the samurai group at the parking garage I was sleeping in. there were two people running up the stairs, I immeadtly recognized lang tigris, and the other person, I now know as cervus carona. They were arguing about something, I couldn’t tell what, but when they got (I can’t find what story) story cervus got physical, he pushed lang against the wall…. Well… then it happened… What are you referring to Mr. Asterion?

Well the force of the push made both people bounce, and lang bounced and that gave cervrus a little more momentum… then… well... cervus fell… he fell out of the window. Did you observe anything after that?

Yea, lang… he was just calm… and still… it seemed like he was in shock.\ (I want to ask a opinion on the ultimate issue question, but I don’t know how to word it) This is just an issue of bad timing, cerverus push lang just a little to hard in the wrong place at the wrong time, and well now were here.

Anything about criminal investigation on direct, object to 4.18.3 lack of proper predicate, 602 lack of personal knowledge, 703 opinions by experts You have a Bachelor’s of Science from Texoma University, don’t you? Your degree is in...
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