2013 French Rev Ppt Notes

Topics: French Revolution, Louis XVI of France, Marie Antoinette Pages: 4 (942 words) Published: December 2, 2014
The French Revolution
of Kings, Queens, & Guillotines

1. How was French Society divided prior to the French Revolution? 1st Estate (less than 1%): Catholic Clergy
Owned 10% of land in France
Paid 2% of income for taxes
Scorned Enlightenment ideas
2nd Estate (2%): Rich nobles
Owned 20% of land
Paid little or no taxes
Disagreed with Enlightenment ideas
3rd Estate (97%): Commoners

2. Explain the different divisions of the 3rd estate.
3 types of people
Bourgeoisie(middle class)
Skilled Workers


1. Discuss the tax system in pre-revolutionary France.
Taxed heavily and unhappy. Peasants needed to pay half of their income and the rich people needed to pay almost none.

2. How did the ideas of the Enlightenment inspire the French people? What ideas did they appreciate? Everyone should be equal
Inspired by American Revolution
3rd Estate people loved these ideas

3. What type of government did France have before the revolution? Absolute Monarchy

4. What kind of economic troubles was France experiencing?
Taxes kept profits low
Cost of living rising quickly
Government in debt from previous kings

5. Describe King Louis XVI (16th) & Queen Marie Antoinette.
Ineffective leader: Indecisive, unconcerned with problems, did not like rule Queen Marie Antoinette: Austrian princess (Austria=France’s enemy), people hated her, gave Louis bad advice, spent lots of money on jewels, gambling, clothes, gifts

6. What were the 5 main causes of the French Revolution?

W- weak leadership

F- food

E- enlightenment ideas

U- unfair taxes

D- died

1. Why did King Louis XVI call the Estates General meeting? Describe how the voting worked at the meeting. Louis XVI decides to tax noble to pay his debt. 2nd Estate force him to hold a meeting to approve this new tax.

2. Explain the Tennis Court Oath....
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