2012 Presidential Election Factual Essay

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2012 Presidential Election Factual Essay
Since the 1890’s the Democratic Party has held social liberal positions including minority rights, internationalism, welfare for the poor, labor unions, progressive taxation, and regulation of business and finance. In recent decades the party has attempted to moderate its liberalism by incorporating personal responsibility, public-private partnerships, and decentralizing government. The party is pretty evenly split between social liberals and progressives and white collar professionals and academics, the latter representing the most crucial segment of the Party. Some issues supported by this last segment of the Party, universal healthcare, stem cell research, same-sex marriage, secular government, gun control, abortion rights, environmental protection, and cultural diversity. Some progressive views of the party include: ending war, single-payer healthcare, progressive taxation, and ending dependence on fossil fuels. Considering environmentalism as a matter of National Security, Democrats encourage conservation and protection of resources to slow down global warming. A strong stand of the Party in general is publicly funded college education that is affordable. Regarding the economy, generally the Party supports higher minimum wages, progressive taxation, and government funded social services. As for healthcare, the party calls for “affordable and quality healthcare”. On domestic social issues, Democrats support affirmative action to provide equal opportunities for all Americans, LGBT rights, reproductive rights for women, and embryonic stem cell research. With respect to foreign policy, the party had supported the invasion of Afghanistan, but lately has called for ending this practice. Seeking to establish peace between Israelis and Palestinians, the Party has strived to form a Palestinian State. Democrats were split on support of the Iraqi war, and with the election of Barack Obama the war was ended. Generally, Democrats are against unilateralism wanting instead to build international consensus, although they make exceptions for humanitarian issues. They tend to oppose the death penalty and call for gun control. On the other hand the Republican Party, considered the more conservative of the two major U.S. political parties, holds strong to its values. Influenced by religious and moral views, the GOP opposes same-sex marriage, supporting the Federal Marriage Amendment and, though recently this seems to be changing, has frowned upon LGBT people serving openly in the Military instead supporting the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Although many of its members are prolife, the party as a whole believes in strict criminal punishment including the death penalty. However, it opposes abortion and supports legislation against human embryonic stem-cell research. Regarding government power, the GOP is partial to smaller government, advocating for personal or employer-based healthcare rather than a government-run policy, and believes government should interfere as little as possible in economic concerns. They believe the federal power should decrease while more power should be entrusted to state governments. Republicans, generally favor strong national defense. Following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, the Bush administration began the ‘War on Terrorism’, which led to sending American Military to Afghanistan and Iraq. Republicans have supported such ideas as denying terrorists Geneva Convention rights and enhanced interrogations. The Party is torn on immigration issues between advocating pro-growth by allowing migrant workers and making citizenship easier to acquire, and the traditional view opposing it. Barack Hussein Obama II, currently the 44th U.S. President, former Illinois State and U.S. Senator, Columbia University and Harvard Law School graduate, is the Democratic Candidate for the 2012 Presidential Elections. He taught constitutional law and...
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