2012 Movie Analysis

Topics: Earth, Sun, Volcano Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: July 22, 2012

The movie starts with the surface of the sun, where giant solar flares erupt into giant question marks, setting the ominous mood as we scan across the universe to all the planets aligning for the first time in 640,000 years The global destruction of the movie is based on the "Earth's Crust Displacement Theory" and in the movie; it's stated that neutrinos are bursting within the Earth's core, causing the crusts to be rapidly displaced. The neutrino explosion is in turn supposedly caused by the peaking of the solar flares in the Sun. In 2010, international leaders begin a massive, secret project intended to ensure humanity's survival, by building futuristic arks designed to hold 400,000 people. Additional funding for the project is raised by selling tickets to the private sector for 1 billion per person, effectively cutting off the chances of majority of people to survive. By 2011 they start to secretly move humanity's valuable treasures under the guise of protecting them from terrorist attacks, such as the Mona Lisa, to save humanity's history as well. The Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar, or the Mayan Calendar, is referenced in the movie. Earthquakes of intensified magnitudes wreak havoc all over the globe as a result of crust displacement. Huge buildings are destroyed, bridges are split in two, major cities are literally broken in pieces. Yellowstone Caldera, a volcano in the USA, erupts, sending massive igneous stones skyrocketing in the air, resembling meteors and asteroids. A mega tsunami destroys several key cities, including Washington, D.C., which kills the president of the United States. The arks save the people who luckily got in. The water levels recede, new lives are beginning and a new civilization and world order is created. Reaction

2012 is a visual treat. Rarely has so many familiar monuments crumbled so splendidly as in this movie.  The scale of destruction is truly epic, with LA cracking along fault lines and sliding into the...
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