2012 Global Cities Index and Emerging Cities Outlook

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2012 Global Cities Index and Emerging Cities Outlook

The global cities index first released in 2008 and then in 2010 and now 2012, measures global engagement of cities across 5 dimensions: business activity, human capital, information exchange, cultural experience, and political engagement; it’s a ranking more comprehensive in a measurement in a city’s global influence.

The world today is more about cities than countries. While New York, Paris, Tokyo, and London still today rank among top cities, it appears that Beijing and Shanghai may become rivals against these cities in the next 10 to 20 years. It all start because of globalization and how the world is innovating in technology, economies are growing and political power is growing strong.

The ranking chart evaluates the top 66 countries in the world, Mexico city is in it and in 2008 was number 34, then it went to number 30 in 2010 and finally it went all the way up to number 25 in 2012, that means that Mexico city´s economy is improving and people are living a better life as the years go by, the highest bar it has is the business activity. New york has been leading the chart all these years followed by London, Paris and Tokyo.

Asia is the continent that has the most cities among the top ten, Tokyo Hong Kong Seoul Singapore Beijing and Shanghai. Germany is the country in Europe with more cities among the top half: Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin. USA is the country with most cities among the top ten: Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.

Brazil, Russia, India and China are making their way to the top really fast this combination of cities is called BRIC, they are on the rise because of their strength in business activity.

African cities have weak economy development and significant vulnerabilities. In Latin America thanks to improvements in infrastructure in instability and corruption, Bogotá Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro seem likely to exhibit different future behaviors such as maintaining their...
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