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2012 Bio DSE MC Suggested answer
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2012 DSE MC Suggested answer

1. D
Inner wall of small intestine absorbs digested food by active transport which requires large amount of energy. 小腸內壁以主動轉運吸收已消化的食物,這過程需要大量能量。

2. D
Cellulose and starch are polysaccharides. Protein synthesis requires nitrates and carbohydrates as raw materials. 纖維素及澱粉都是多糖。蛋白質的製造需要硝酸鹽及碳水化合物作原料。

3. A
Water loss from plant surface is called transpiration. Transpiration on leaf surface generates a force in xylem drawing water upwards. 植物表面的失水稱為蒸騰。蒸騰產生拉力使得水在木質導管上升。

4. B

5. D
The gap between two neurones is synapse. Neuromuscular junction between neurone and muscle fibre is specific type of synapse. 神經元之間的小隙稱為突觸;神經肌肉接點是一種特別的突觸,在神經元與肌肉纖維之間的小隙。

6. A
Cerebellum coordinates body muscles activities to maintain balance. 小腦協調身體肌肉的活動來作出平衡。

7. A

8. A

9. D
S: ciliary muscle 睫狀肌; U: iris muscle 虹膜肌肉

10. C

11. A
decrease in water loss -> increase time taken for bubble to move 10 cm 減少失水 -> 增加氣泡移動10 cm 的時間
25˚C in dark with fan off - 25˚C in light with fan off = 40 – 7 = 33 mins => the greatest decrease 最大的減少

12. D
The more stomatal number -> the higher the rate of water loss by transpiration 氣孔的數目愈多 -> 水分以蒸騰散失得愈快

13. B
The mean of dry mass of plant decreases as seed density increases -> competition 植物的乾質量平均值隨種子的密度上升而下降 -> 競爭

14. A

15. B
(2) continuous variation is affected by environment
(2) 連續性變異受環境因影響

16. C

17. C
Saprophytes are organisms live on and break down dead organic matter for nutrition. 3 : Decay of dead animal bodies into human 腐生生物是生長在已死無機物上,將有機物分解作營養皮的生物。 3 : 動物的死體分解成腐殖質。

18. D
mRNA is produced by pairing free RNA nucleotides complementarily with DNA template strand. DNA 模板股與自由RNA 核苷酸互補配成mRNA

19. A
Coding strand of DNA 密碼股:AGT
Template strand of DNA 模板股:TCA
mRNA strand (codon 密碼子):AGU
tRNA (anticodon 逆密碼子):UCA

20. B
A, C & D: pancreas 胰臟

21. D
(Systematic Circulation) Aorta -> small intestine -> hepatic portal vein -> liver -> hepatic vein -> vena cava -> heart -> (Pulmonary circulation)  pulmonary artery -> Lungs (體循環) 大動脈 -> 小腸 -> 肝門靜脈 -> 肝 -> 肝靜脈 -> 大靜脈 -> 心臟 -> (肺循環) 肺動脈 -> 肺臟

22. C
Cilia beating sweeps mucus to pharynx

23. B
(1) for ATP synthesis 製造
(2) oxygen released out the plant as by product 氧釋出及以副產物形式離開

24. C
(A) pollen grains are carrier of male gametes 花粉粒是雄配子的載體 (B) nectar is produced by nectary 花蜜是由蜜腺分泌
(C) pollen grains germinate a pollen tube carrying male gametes to the ovule 花粉粒萌發花粉管並帶著雄配子到胚珠
(D) pollen grains of insect-pollinated flowers are larger and rough 蟲媒花的花粉粒較大且表面粗糙

25. C
(2) ovary 卵巢 + (3) uterine lining 子宮內膜

26. B

27. C
(A) diaphragm prevents sperm entering uterus 子宮帽防止精子進入子宮 (B) rhythm method prevents the meeting of egg and sperms
(C) contraceptive pills prevent development of follicle and no mature gametes are formed for ovulation 避孕丸可防止卵泡發育及沒有成熟的配子作排卵 (D) intrauterine device prevents implantation of embryo

28. B.
Both for gametes transfer 兩者皆用於配子傳送

29. B.
Production of sperms is the capability of a man but not a characteristic 精子製造是一種能力而非表徵

Positive phototropism of shoot helps the plant to get as much light as possible (3). 莖的正向光性使植物取得最多的光照。(3) Negative phototropism of root helps the plants (1) & (2) 莖的正向光性使植物 (1) & (2)。

31. A
(B) Pumping action of heart generates high blood pressure
(C) & (D) the lumen of artery is not large 動脈的管腔並非大

32. D
The artery connected to lungs is pulmonary artery which is deoxygenated. 與肺部相連的動脈是含缺氧血的肺動脈

33. C
Left ventricle has the thickest muscle wall

34. C
Boiled egg contain proteins 熟蛋含有蛋白質...
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