Topics: Sufism, Epic poetry, Manmohan Singh Pages: 2 (1137 words) Published: March 23, 2015
1. Write an essay on any one of the following topics : 40 (a) Literature and Journalism. (b) Reading for Pleasure. (c) The Study of History. (d) Epic Poetry. (e) Media does more harm than good. (f) Global Warming. 2. Write the substance of the following passage and add a critical note on its theme and prose style. 20+10=30 In talking about accents of English, the foreigner should be careful about the difference between England and Britain, there are many different accents in England, but the range becomes very much wider if the accents of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (Scotland and Wales are included in Britain, and together with Northern Ireland form the United Kingdom) are taken into account. Within the accents of England, the distinction that is most frequently made by the majority of English people is between Northern and Southern. This is a very rough division, and there can be endless argument over where the boundaries lie, but most people on hearing a pronunciation typical of some one from Lancashire, Yorkshire or other counties further north would identify it as “Northern”. A term which is widely found now a days is Estuary English, and many learners of English have been given the impression that this is a new accent of English. In reality there is no such accent and the term should be used with care. The idea originates from the sociolinguistic observation that some people in public life who would previously have been expected to speak with a BBC (or RP) accent now find it acceptable to speak with some characteristics of the accents of the London area (the estuary referred to is the Thames estuary), such as glottal stops, which would in earlier times have caused comment or disapproval. 3. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below : Manjit Bawa, who died on Monday, will be remembered for his paintings of gamboling animals, mythic creatures and legendary characters in a pastoral set-up depicted against a single-colour field...
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