2005 Dbq Driving Forces of American Revolution

Topics: American Revolutionary War, Articles of Confederation, United States Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: December 3, 2012
2005 DBQ
The driving forces of the American Revolution, Freedom and Equality, resulted in changes in the developing nation. Social changes included the push for racial and gender equality. Political shifts were exemplified by the formation of political parties, freedom of religion, and the boundaries of slavery. Economic transformations included the change from an agricultural society to one of manufacturing. Realizing that social, economic, and political changes was the way of the future, Americans embraced the shift in order to establish there society. Seeking a resolution to the everlasting debate in the Mercantilist society in the U.S over Hamiltonian ideas such as the excise tax in 1789 led to economic downpours such as Shay’s Rebellion in 1786. The excise tax was mostly created by Alexander Hamilton and was meant to mostly help the northern economy that was based on manufacturing by making it cheaper to buy American goods rather than imported goods. This was a major concern with the agricultural society of the south since for them it made once cheap foreign goods more expensive with just the excise tax alone. This extremely hurt their economy which was based on yeoman farmers and the Peculiar institution known as slavery as stated in document F, G, H. Shay’s Rebellion was based on problems such as the lack of hard currency and fiscally harsh instituted government policies such as the excise tax. This rebellion caused a major uproar in the Philadelphia convention in May 1787 where they made a major revision to the articles of confederation, what was supposed to be our original constitution. Extending off what was said in document I by President James Madison in The Federalist some of the political shifts that were extended by the revolution were the articles of confederation that were completely revised in order to provide the national government more power. James Madison stated that “If men were angels there would be no need for government,” in contrast...
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