Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Middle Colonies, United States Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: December 15, 2014
Jade Gallo 9/30/14 A.P. U.S. History 240-01 1993 DBQ

In the 17th century, all of the 13 colonies in America were under British rule and shared the same religion, culture, language, and origin. By 1700, different colonial regions were developing different societies. Motivational, economical, and political differences between the New England and Chesapeake regions allowed their colonies to grow into the two distinct societies that they became. The motivations of the New England colonies were mainly religious. Two newly-found groups in England, the Puritans and Separatists, wanted to be able to practice their own religions in peace. So, they got a charter from the king and sailed for the New World, landing in Massachusetts and eventually establishing religious toleration throughout the New England colonies. This was unlike the Chesapeake colonies, which were mainly founded for wealth and profit by individual landowners. On a ship to Virginia in 1635, the future colonists were mostly male landowners in hopes of becoming wealthy. (Document C) They had no intentions of establishing communities and were focused on agriculture and cultivating the lands. In New England, they were more focused on forming a strong united community based on God that would be a model for other colonies. (Document A) This showed their religious nature and purpose of establishing their colonies. In 1635, the ship list of emigrants heading to New England reveals the types of people that settled there. (Document B) Men and women of all ages came as large families looking to get away from religious persecution. As the regions grew larger, their economies started to differ as well. The Chesapeake regions developed huge, self sufficient plantations...
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