2003 Ap Global Change over Time Essay

Topics: Africa, Islam, Sub-Saharan Africa Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Between the time of 1000 C.E. and 1750 C.E., the rise of Islam took an affect on the world and its factors. Many areas included Europe, Africa and Asia. Significantly, Islam had an important affect towards West Africa. The impact of Islam on West Africa changed their cultural, economic and politic aspects. They were impacted through trade, expansion and the development of Islamic aspects upon towns and people. However, some aspects for instance, such as political values managed to stay constant.

First, the impact of Islam affected West Africa culturally. Islam had spread to West Africa and the sub-Saharan region through trade contacts, which were mostly merchants, and rulers who converted like Mansa Musa of Mali. Also, the spread of Islam made local beliefs in Africa to mix with the Islamic beliefs. For example, Swahili became widespread with its mix of Bantu and Arabic. The city of Timbuktu emerged as well, further allowing Africans to travel to this city in order to learn more about Islam. The development of mosques, Islamic learning centers emerged as well. The Arabic writing system and literacy became fairly popular too.

Also, the impact of Islam affected West Africa economically. Trade became a major uproar towards an impact from the rise of Islam. Trans-Saharan trade grew with trade in salt, gold and slaves. Eastern coastal city-slaves were a source of slaves in Indian Ocean Trade Complex as well. The Impact of Islam helped open doors to other areas of the world, and with this, Africa was allowed to gain profit and prosperity.

Finally, the impact Islam brought to West Africa affected political aspects and factors. First of all, many trade kingdoms emerged in West Africa. Ghana, Mali and Songhai and rulers converted to Islam to gain trade advantages and strengthen and gain power of their kingdoms. The spread of Islam also lead to expansion of these kingdoms.

Although there were many changes that occurred after the rise of Islam and its impact...
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