2002 Extension History Hsc Paper

Topics: History, Historiography, Truth Pages: 3 (1093 words) Published: July 25, 2011
With reference to the source and other sources, discuss how this interpretation of history compares with your own view.

The Problem of historical objectivity is the fact that history was and will always stay subjective as long as historians have different moral values and beliefs. Historical objectivity challenges historical construction and the way historians find evidence to reconstruct the past. The differing perspectives towards how history is interpreted are expressed through the historians Keith Jenkins; Herodotus; Marc Bloch and Edward Hallett Carr and the text written by Albert Prior Fell. The text, “That noble dream: The problem of historical objectivity” written by Albert Prior Fell, raises a lot of very significant points regarding the impossibility of achieving historical objectivity. The constant reconstructing of history over time portrays the difficulty of achieving an absolute and accurate portrayal from the early days of ancient history to modern history. In Albert’s text he states the idea that historians tend to seek “the objective truth”, but it is only a “noble dream” because of the unavoidable subjectivity that historians mark on their work. Which exemplifies on the idea that History is a very subjective topic and the idea that historians can or is “objective” is hard to comprehend because, as much as historians try to keep their work unbiased, it is quite hard not to let our minds and opinions intrude our work. In summary, Albert states, “…. but also that in approaching their work the reader has to have a keen sense of the fact that historians did not have all the evidence nor did they use it in a way which is beyond question; qualification and dispute”, hence this is evident that albert prior fell also believes history is subjective and the idea of objective history is just a “problem”. Herodotus was a Greek researcher and story teller from the fifth century BCE, and is known as the world’s first historian. He was among...
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