20000 Leagues Under the Sea 1

Topics: Captain Nemo, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Nautilus Pages: 4 (1312 words) Published: May 11, 2001
20000 Leagues Under The Sea

The year 1866 is an important time in nautical history. It is the year that the world was first terrified by an amazing ocean going monster, the Nautilus. During that year several ships had met with this "thing," a long slender object much bigger in size than any creature known to man. After tons of sightings and the pass of many months the "monster" began attacking any vessel that drew near. This alarmed all the world's nations and the United States decided that they would send out the Abraham Lincoln to defeat the "monster," and once again bring peace to all the seas.

For the expedition the best ocean educated men were invited to join the crew for the the journey. Included in this group was Monsieur Aronnax of the Paris museum and Ned Land, a world known harpooner. Monsieur Aronnax had written a two-volume work called Mysteries of the Ocean Depths. His work was especially well received by scientists, making him a specialist in that field. With him he brought his trusted servant of ten years, Conseil. Besides being Monsieurs loyal servant Conseil was an extremely bright classifier. He took great joy in this and was sometimes a big help to his master when identifying different creatures. Ned had an excellent shot with his harpoon, one so good that fisherman around the world knew his name.

The rough travels from one ocean to the next for months without a sign of the wretched creature. Then on the night of November 5 the Ned spotted a bright glow approaching from just below the waters surface. Reports stated that at times the monster tended to glow, so they took pursuit. For a day and two nights the Abraham Lincoln chased the monster through the waters of the Northern Pacific. As the creature let them draw near, the Abraham Lincoln began firing its cannons at the monster but the cannon fire would just bounce off what seemed to be a thick layer of armor. At last the monster began circling the frigate and suddenly...
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