200 Pounds Beauty

Topics: Love, Surgery, Suicide Pages: 4 (1335 words) Published: April 3, 2014

200 Pounds Beauty
Emily Johnson

200 Pounds Beauty is about an overweight South Korean girl who undergoes major plastic surgery to gain the confidence she needed to live her life. The female lead actress is Kim Ah-Joong who is most impressive when she performs a singing concert. Her only concern was lack of confidence in herself and body. Part of the main reason she decided get an extreme makeover was because she was heartbroken over a guy who was also her boss. The camera work of the film shows her determination throughout the process of slimming down her body. With exercising and the help with unnatural procedures she was able to recover after one year. Her dramatic change not only made her feel more confident, but it also helped her gain attention from other people. After rear ending a taxi driver and getting away with it just because she was beautiful, she reunites with her best friend for the first time after getting her new look. The negative message it leaves on girls is that looks can let you have anything you want. Being a puppet to her boss, Han-na finally realized that she was a fool to think that getting plastic surgery would make him fall in love with her. The positive note on this is that you should love yourself and be happy with who you are no matter what which she realize at the end of the film.

200 Pounds Beauty
While it is a normal thing to get plastic surgery as a reward for doing well in school in South Korea, Han-na went to the extreme to get head-to-toe plastic surgery to mend her broken heart. Originally, Han-na was an overweight ghost singer for the famous Ammy. She would be the voice for all of Ammy’s song, and would hide backstage to sing while Ammy performs at a concert lip-syncing. After being embarrassed in front of her crush Sang-jun and rejected by him, Han-na attempted to commit suicide to try to escape everything. Abruptly being interrupted by a phone call,...
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