20 Questions

Topics: Strategic management, Management, Marketing Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: April 1, 2015

1) Prepare a SWOT analysis for the co and justify why the usefulness of SWOT analysis

2) Prepare the TOWS Matrix and justify the usefulness of this Matrix

3) Prepare the PESTLE analysis for the co

4) Develop the Porter 5 forces for the co

5) Justify the application of PESTLE and Porter 5 forces in this study and how are they interrelated?

6) What is the current position of the co and where it wants to be in the future? Justify this by using BCG Matrix

7) Suggest which strategy does the co should be adopting using Space Matrix

8) Develop the EFE, IFE and IE Matrix

9) Justify the usefulness of EFE, IFE and IE Matrix for this study

10) Which generic competitive model should be adopted by the company?

11) Prepare the value chain analysis to support your generic competitive model

12) How is the application of ishikawa Fishbone analysis and pareto analysis would be important in this case study?

13) Prepare the Ishikawa and Pareto analysis for the company

14) Discuss the usefulness of applying shared values analysis i.e. McKinsey's 7S for business combination?

15) Moving forward, prepare the strategy map for the company. Please justify your vision, mission and objectives

16) Discuss what are the factors that you need to consider from time to time in order to make the new entity remain competitive.

17) Elaborate on the comprehensive strategy model. How is it applicable to this case study? 

18) Comment on the winning strategies of the organization

19) How do you implement strategic management in a dynamic environment?

20) Discuss the effectiveness of applying balance scorecard to the organization
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