2. ‘There Should Be No Rich People in the World as Long as There Is Poverty in the World'.

Topics: Poverty, Wealth, Africa Pages: 3 (1272 words) Published: April 20, 2007
Most religions and people believe that the poor should not be ignored and it is not always their fault that they are in the situation they find themselves in. There are many ways people may fall into poverty, but they all agree that they must work to eliminate it. When we say rich what we mean is the people who earn more disposable income (income that is left over when everything they need to survive is paid for) than they can actually, sensibly spend.

In Christianity they do not condemn those who are rich, but the ones who use their riches for bad rather than good as it says in the bible ‘People who want to get rich fall into…foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction'1, this is saying that money can make people turn to evil ways. So would say there can be rich people in the world, as Jesus taught a lot on stewardship and how to be a good steward. He said ‘ When I was hungry you fed me…what you did for the least of my brothers you did for me' Jesus is saying that those who bad with what they have or show neglect will go to hell, whereas those who show good stewardship will go to heaven. An example is that of Sir John Templeton. A man who became rich from the work he did and even when he was at his poorest he gave 10% of his earnings away; a practice known as tithing. He gives money to support projects that further understanding in spirituality and the importance of human character. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, for services to philanthropy. This is an example of how even a very rich man can use his money for good and shows that there can be rich people in the world, while poverty exists. He also acts as a role model for the rich in the world.

In Islam they believe that any wealth is a gift from God. So it must be used to complete Allah's will and so Muslims would say that there could be rich and poverty at the same time. They would believe that if they are rich they should help the poor as this is due to the giving of...
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