2 problems with writing an essay

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Two Problems with Writing an Essay
English is the most popular language around the world, so a lot people want to study writing and speaking English. I am not an exception; I really want to improve my English, so I can communicate with anyone, anywhere. Writing is a hard technique to study and improve. Like many people, I always have some problems with writing an essay: grammar and thesis statement. Grammar is the first problem I have while writing an essay. English is my second language, so I had a lot of problem with English when I started to write an essay. For example, in my native language, I always put an adjective after a noun. On other hand, in English, I have to put an adjective before a noun. It is a little example, but there are a lot of things I need to change and improve for writing English. In addition, when I was in high school, I studied British English, and then I came to the US; they uses American English. It was kind of a change for me and I need to improve grammar. Thesis statement of an essay is the second problem I have while writing an essay. It is the most important in an essay; it determines whether or not the essay is good. In my native language, I always state another solution so that we can express the main idea. But in English, that would be wrong because of not staying on track. Then I won’t focus on the main idea. In other words, the essay I write in Vietnamese will be more polished than in American English. So I need to focus more on the main idea. In conclusion, I have some problems with writing an essay: grammar and main idea. They are really important for a good essay, so I need to focus more on them. Many people say that if you know your mistakes and try your best to improve them, you will be better than the one who don’t know and are not patient.
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