2 Managing People Case Study

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Business English
Case Study : Managing People
ASHLEY COOPER, Search Agency
Tensions within the team are damaging operations at a property company Background
The Ashley Cooper Search Agency (ACSA) specialises in finding top-class properties for wealthy clients from all over the world. It charges clients a fee based on the value of the property. Its London office finds properties in the UK, France and Germany for its clients. The agency has a database, which needs building up, and many contacts with upmarket estate agencies in the three countries.

The London branch has six relationship consultants who are multilingual. It is their job to find suitable properties, meet clients, arrange viewings, and complete the purchase on their behalf. They only search for properties which are worth more than € 1 million. What advantages do you think clients gain by using ACSA to find a property? Staff payment system

At present, relationship consultants are paid a salary, depending on their length of service and an end-of-year bonus. The manager decides the amount of the bonus for each consultant. The company is reviewing this system, because it is not popular with some members of the team. The management is likely to cancel the bonus and adjust the salaries of the consultants. What is your opinion of this proposal? Do you think It is a good idea? Summary of recent appraisal interviews with relationship consultants Read the summary notes on the other four consultants that that Driscoll has provided for Diana Bishop. Study the sales chart below and think about the payment system. Working individually, identify the problems Diana may have to deal with when an becomes manager of the team. Make a note of your main points.


Good sales performance, especially in Germany - a difficult market Excellent reports/paperwork
Always contributes well in meetings
Popular with her colleagues
Thinks we treat her unfairly because she's female....
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