2 Major Goals in Life

Topics: Academic degree, Family, Bachelor's degree Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: September 21, 2008
1.Become the best wife and mother for my Family.
Short Term Goals:
1.Continue my college education through 2014 so that I can be a role model to my children. I have begun the path to success with this goal and will continue until I have my Masters Degree. 2.Develop a working budget for our household by January 2009. I will accomplish this by consulting with a financial specialist to start with. I will follow through by sticking to that budget and adjusting as necessary for our family. 3.Develop a stronger relationship with my husband and children by 2010, thus enabling stronger more productive communication. I order to accomplish this I will take myself, my children and husband to family counseling. 4.Achieve my career goals by 2016. By continuing my education and developing my skills at work, I will become a more rounded, intelligent person aiding in my desire to be the best mother and wife. 2.Become the head of the service department in the company that I work for. Short term goals:

1.Learn how to schedule the technicians in our service department efficiently by July 2010. I will accomplish this goal by reviewing the current policy for scheduling, by researching how other companies schedule their field service technicians, and by listening to the customers wants and demands. 2.Complete my Masters Degree in Business Administration by May 2014. I have enrolled in Axia College to begin my Associates Degree, and will follow that with University of Phoenix Bachelors and Masters program. 3.Utilize my education to develop a new strategy for approaching the schedule by 2016. Put into practice my knowledge of research and communication to present a presentation to management with ideas for bettering our scheduling process. Becoming the best wife and mother for my family is truly my biggest dream. The steps I have outlined above are all necessary to reach to goal, and while difficult and self sacrificing, will ultimately lead to my success in becoming...
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