2 Letter Words

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Two Letter Words
Bold indicates word cannot be extended with 'S'
Plus sign (+) indicates word can be extended by 'ES'
AArough jagged lava found in Hawaiian volcanos
ABan abdominal muscle
ADshort form of advertisement
AEone (Scots.)
AH(verb) to say "Ah" for joy etc
AIa three-toed South American sloth
ALan East Indian tree
AMa present tense of the verb be
ANa form of the indefinite article
ARthe letter "R"
ASto that extent
ATin the position of
AWexclamation of disappointment
AX(verb) to work on with an axe
AYan affirmative vote (also AYE)
BAthe eternal spirit in egyptian mythology
BE(verb) to exist
BIa bisexual person
BOAmer. slang for friend
BYnear; a side issue (pl. BYS)
CHEnglish dial. for I
DAa Burmese heavy knife
DEpreposition meaning of or from, in names
DIa plural of deus (a god)
DO(verb) to achieve; a celebration (pl. DOS)
EAa river (dial.)
EEScots. dial. for eye (pl. EEN)
EFthe letter "F"
EH(verb) to say "Eh" for surprise etc
ELan elevated railway ED
EMa printer's measure
ENa printer's measure, half of an EM
ERan expression of hesitation
ES+the letter "S"
ETa past tense of eat
EX+the letter "X"
FAa musical note
FEa Hebrew letter
FYan interj. expressing disgust (also FIE)
GIa judo or karate costume
GO(verb) to depart; a Japanese board game (pl. GOS)
GUa simple violin used in Shetland (alos GJU, GUE)
HAan exclamation of surprise
HEa male
HIan exclamation of greeting
HMinterj. expressing thoughtful consideration
HOinterj. calling attention
IDpart of the psyche
IFa condition
IN(verb) to harvest
IOa cry of joy
ISa present tense of be
ITimpersonal pronoun
JO+a sweetheart
KA(verb) to serve (also KAE)
KIthe spirit of Japanese martial art
KOa Maori digging stick
KYcows (also KYE)
LAa musical note
LIa Chinese distance unit
LOlook, behold
MEa musical note (also MI)
MIsame as ME, above...
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