2 Job Analysis and Job Design

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School of Business, Centennial College
Course: Human Resources Management (HRPD-701)
Instructor: Wenlu Feng
Lecture 2: Job Analysis and Job Design
(Reference reading: Chapter 2 of the text)

Job analysis—The procedure for determining the tasks and responsibilities of each a job, and the human attributes (in terms of knowledge, skills, and abilities) required to perform the job.

The outcomes of job analysis will be:
Job description (what the job entails),
Job specifications (what the human requirements are needed for the job).

Job analysis is something called the cornerstone of HRM, because the outcomes of job analysis (job descriptions and job specifications) are the basis for most of the interrelated HRM activities, including recruitment and selection, HR planning, training, performance appraisal, pay and benefits, health and safety, labour relation, and so on (you can think about more areas).

The Phases and Steps in Job Analysis

Phase One: Preparation for job analysis
1. Step 1: Familiarize with the organization and its jobs
2. Step 2: Determine uses of job analysis information
3. Step 3: Select representative jobs to be analysis.

Phase 2: Collection of job analysis information
4. Step 4: Determine sources of job data (Human and nonhuman sources) 5. Step 5: Data collection instrument design (Job analysis schedules) 6. Step 6: Choice of method for data collection (interview, observation, questionnaire, etc.) 7. Step 7: Develop a job descriptions and job specifications.

Phases 3: Use of Job analysis Information (for other HR management areas)

Methods of Collecting Job Analysis Information
Collecting job analysis data usually involves a joint effort by an HR specialist, the incumbent, and the jobholder’s supervisor.

Job analysis techniques can be categorized into 2 groups: Qualitative methods and quantitative methods.

Qualitative methods mainly include
1) Interview, including individual interview, group interview, and...
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