2 Be able to lead a person

Topics: Nursing care plan, Decision making, Individual Pages: 3 (1007 words) Published: February 14, 2015
 2 Be able to lead a person-centred practice
2-1 Support others to work with individuals to establish their history, preferences, wishes and needs We have care plans that are set up for each person that comes into any of our homes, this will tell everyone all about them. Care plans include their medical conditions and what medication they are on and also past medical history. Care plans are really good as they help everyone to get to know the person also about their families, where they were brought up and also their upbringing. This will also give us any past work history also if they had any relationships, this will help support workers and managers to bond with service users that come into our care, we can also talk with them to find out what their interests are and what they like doing, their likes and dislikes, what they can and what they cannot do. This way all support workers can give the service user the best care that’s caters for their needs. When an individual comes into one of our homes we can sit and talk with them and talk about different things, and also we can put together the care plan with all the information that the individual gives us, also anything any relative gives us can also go into care plan. This will be good for staff as they can see what level of care that they will need as everyone has different needs.

2-2 support others to implement person centred practice.
Person centred planning means that you involve people in all decisions about their life, you will be building on existing skills and interests also identifying their support needs and providing it. For some teams and organisations putting person centred plans into practice means that a change of thinking as a team leader you will need to be person centred with staff, you will need to identify the coaching and training needs of staff members also. Involve support staff in any decision making that will affect them. You can discover the existing skills and any interests of...
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