Topics: Nervous system, Brain, Peripheral nervous system Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: July 13, 2015

2.1.5 Journal: Thoughts and Feelings

Psychology (S2958282)
Faith Eke

Points possible: 30
Date: ____________

Answer the questions below in complete sentences. When you have finished, send to your teacher for grading.

1. You are walking down a trail, and you come to a point where the trail splits.

One route goes to a village where everyone always lies. The other route leads to a village where everyone always tells the truth. There is a villager at the intersection. You want to go to the village where everyone tells the truth, but you don’t know if the villager will tell you the truth. a. What should you say to the villager so that you know which trail to take? (You will not be graded on your answer, only that you have given an answer.) (5 points) Ask the villager, “where is the nearest place to buy food.” Once you have done that, the villager will will respond with something like, “it is about one mile away.” When you go in the direction that the villager told you for about a mile and you do not see a place to buy food, go back to the intersection and go the other way the villager told you not to go. b. When you were trying to think of a question, what part of your nervous system did the logical thinking? (5 points Central nervous system: this is the portion of the nervous system of the brain and spinal cord. The brain does most of the information processing, storing, thinking and remembering. c. What parts of your nervous system allowed you to move your muscles to write the answer? What did those parts do? Somatic nervous system: this portion of the peripheral nervous system carries messages to and from the sense organs, skin, and muscles. The somatic nervous system controls most of your muscles and sends signals from senses, such as touch and doing something like typing. When you think of something to type down on you laptop’s keyboard and the muscle that make your body (which are called skeletal muscles) start to move, so...
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