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Activity 2.4 - Module 2 Case Study


Module 2 Case Study

Part 1

Read Application Case 3-1 Sexual Harassment Cases Are Becoming More Complex on pages 90-91 in the text. Analyze the case and thoroughly answer the three questions at the end of the case.

1. Should the president of Caritas Christi Health Care be fired? Why? 2. Why is the handling of sexual harassment cases considered complicated? 3. Explain in your own words why consistency in handling sexual harassment claims is important.

It’s difficult to say whether the president Haddad should be fired or not with the little information given but a warning and suspensions is definitely warranted. If none of his incidents are found to be too severe then the company should definitely insist on training him on what is acceptable behavior or not and ensure him that his cultural history of behavior is not allowed. The reason it is so difficult to handle and prosecute sexual harassment case is most cases have no hard evidence all of the accusations are word of mouth. Since some cases will be from disgruntled workers trying to get even it has made these type of incidents so controversial. I would recommend companies stay consistent with their punishments and handling of sexual harassment claims mainly because if the victim feels like justice was not served they can sue the company which they will be fully liable. (Konopaske & Ivancevich, 2012, p. 90-91)


Konopaske, Robert & Ivancevich, John (2012-07-01). Human Resource Management, 12th edition. McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

References: Konopaske, Robert & Ivancevich, John (2012-07-01). Human Resource Management, 12th edition. McGraw-Hill Higher Education.
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