2 500 Case Summary

Topics: Termination of employment, Ethics, Severance package Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: November 14, 2014
Tullio Ossa
Professor Goodwin
SB 212
September 17, 2014
$2,500 Case Summary
The ethical dilemma is whether the individual, who worked for the Asian Equity Sales Group at Global Investment Banking, should cash a $2,500 check he received or instead return it to Global Banking Investment. The individual who worked for the investment banking company received a $2,500 check from American Express for a recent business class ticket to Asia the bank had paid for. However he had cancelled the trip and received the credit on his corporate American Express Card. One day, the managing director, gathered the entire Asian Investment Banking division and described to them that the Bank would be reducing its Asian exposure, as a result eliminating their positions. The entire Asian Investment Banking division was laid off and given severance packages. This is an evident example of utilitarianism on behalf of Global Investment Banking. The company made the ethical decision to downsize because it would be beneficial to the majority of people who worked at the company. In addition there is a concrete distinction between being fired and being laid off. In this case the individual was laid off and given a severance package because Global Investment Banking was down sizing and as a result they no longer required the positions. Had the individual been fired it would have been due to something he personally did, such as going against company policy or code of conduct, and as a result would have been terminated and would not have received a severance package. The stakeholders in this ethical dilemma include first and foremost the individual, Global Investment Banking, and the managing director. The individual had also been offered another position in the same company as part of the Eastern European Sales group. He also had interviewed with two other investment banks, one of the banks had even offered him a job. After his boss asked him to move to the Eastern European...
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