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Precipitation Reactions

2-4: Precipitation Reactions

1. Start Virtual ChemLab and select Reactions and Stoichiometry, and then select Precipitation Reactions from the list of assignments. The lab will open in the Inorganic laboratory.

2. React each of the cations (across the top) with each of the anions (down the left) according to the data table using the following procedures:

Data Table

AgNO3 (Ag+)
Pb(NO3)2 (Pb2+)
Ca(NO3)2 (Ca2+)
Na2CO3 (CO32-)
A pink
F white
K white
Na2S (S2-)
B black
G black
NaOH (OH-)
C brown
M white
Na2S04 (SO42-)
I white
NaCl (Cl-)
E white
J white

a.Drag a test tube from the box and place it on the metal test tube stand. You can then click on the bottle of Ag+ ion solution on the shelf to add it to the test tube.

b. Click on the Divide button on the edge of the lab bench four times to make four additional test tubes containing Ag+. With one test tube in the metal stand and four others in the blue rack, click on the Na2CO3 bottle on the reagent shelf and observe what happens in the window at the top left. Record your observation in the table above. If the solution remains clear, record NR for no reaction. Drag this test tube to the red disposal bucket on the right.

c.Drag a second tube from the blue rack to the metal stand. Add Na2S, record your observations and discard the tube. Continue with the third, fourth and fifth tube, but add NaOH, Na2SO4, and NaCl respectively. Record your observations and discard the tubes. When you are finished, click on the red disposal bucket to clear the lab.

d. Repeat steps a-c for five test tubes of Pb2+ and Ca2+. Record your observations in the data table. If no precipitate forms write NR for no reaction.

3. What happens in grid space d? What other reactions give similar results? Is it necessary to write an equation when no reaction occurs? Explain....
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