2.2b Explain How to Adapt Communication with Children and Young People for: - the Context of the Communication

Topics: Puberty, Child, Childhood Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Learning is a developmental process that happens through various stages, at various rates, and it also happens naturally through explorations and discovery. It is unique to each individual. With this in mind focused learning can be gained through 'play style' activities to encourage communication between children and young adults.

Factors to be taken into account include:

The age of the child or young person – children moving from primary to secondary school will go through many changes both physically and emotionally. The onset of puberty will not only bring on numerous physical transformations occurring to their bodies. Young adults will become body change aware and with the added rage of hormones will make them feel very self conscious of these changes and they may perhaps become embarrassed easily. This is why we have to be cautious with our approach to children of a certain age and what subjects to broach upon them. We should try and avoid putting them into situations that may embarrass them. Try to gain their credence and faith so that you are approachable should they need to talk to you in confidence about anything.

The framework of communication – communication with a child or young adult can be enhanced through play or sports activities, whilst on school trips or at playtimes. When striking a conversation with a child it is ideal to talk about topic of their interest such as a hobby, music, television programme, pop star they favour etc. Talking to them about a topic that they have knowledge of makes them feel more comfortable in your presence and therefore again more approachable should they wish to converse with you on any other matter. However it is important to remain professional at all times and to remember the role that you hold. Do not make false promises to keep information that they may reveal to you a secret if doing so could cause harm or distress to themselves or another individual.
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