2 2 Chapter Questions

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2-2: Chapter Questions

Action Items
Q/ 01

Why study operations management?
All businesses want to hire bright people who can make the best decisions for the business as a whole, not the best marketing, finance, or operations decisions. They want employees who can see the big picture of how these functional areas interact. You will severely limit your career if you take a narrow functional perspective. Every decision is cross-functional in nature2. You will be working with operations and need to understand operations no matter what career path you choose. Operations is a major function in every organization, and regardless of the function in which you work, you will interact with the operations function that produces goods or services (or both). The organization in which someone works only

Q / 02
What is the difference between the terms “production management” and “operations management”? Answer
production management is concerned with those process which convert the inputs into outputs. The inputs are various resources like- raw material ,men, machines, methods etc.  & the outputs are good and services IN other side, operations management refers to the systematic design, direction and control of processes that transform inputs into services and products for internal as well as external use. Q / 03

What is the difference between operations management and supply chain management? Answer
Operations management is primary focused on the inputs and processes required to produce a service or product for a customer. On the other hand, managers over supply chains are tasked with the responsibility of getting the goods or materials to the place of production. A high emphasis on the supply chain managers is getting those raw materials to the operation at the precise time that the materials will be converted by the operation. If the delivery timing is off, an operation will face either shortages or increased inventories. Q / 04

What are the key...
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