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Topics: Passive voice, Intransitive verb, Voice, English passive voice / Pages: 16 (4379 words) / Published: May 23rd, 2015
Passive Voice + Causative Form ( 8th form)

Test 1. Change the sentences from active to passive.
1) Andrew cooked dinner.
2) She didn’t go to school yesterday.
3) Sue painted a lovely picture.
4) They arrived at the airport early this morning.
5) Melanie posted the letter.
6) Bob made a fantastic puppet.
7) Jane left work at 8 pm last night.
8) Joseph cleaned the fish bowl.
9) Who invented the telephone?
10) The thief stole all the money in the till.

11) Who has written this poem?
12) When will they hold the annual dance?
13) Many tourists visit the Eiffel Tower every year.
14) Did you give the parcel to Susie?
15) The fire damaged many buildings in the city centre.
16) The repairman is fixing the washing mashing machine.
17) Has Victoria sent out the invitations ?
18) They will open the new library to the public in September.
19) We took many of these photographs when we were in India.
20) Will she redecorate her flat in May?

Test 2. Change the sentences from active to passive.
1) They haven’t stamped the letter.
2) He escaped when they were moving him from one prison to another.
3) She didn’t introduce me to her mother.
4) A frightful crash awakened me at 4 a.m.
5) A Japanese firm makes these TV sets.
6) A machine could do this much more easily.
7) The police shouldn’t allow people to park there.
8) They are watching my house.
9) The examiner will read the passage three times.
10) Candidates may not use dictionaries.

Test 3. Complete the sentences by putting the verb have into the correct form.
1) Emily …..her newspaper delivered every morning by her neighbour’s son.
2) The Campbells ………their kitchen painted at the moment.
3) I ……..my hair cut short last week because I needed a change.
4) He ……….his car serviced by the mechanic next Tuesday.
5) She ………..her carpets fitted yesterday when I called.
6) I …….just…..my picture taken by a professional photographer.
7) Mark ……..some apple trees planted in a week’s time.
8) Steve …….his

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