2.1 Relevance of Cad in Technical Education

Topics: Engineering drawing, Computer-aided design, ISO 128 Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: September 27, 2010
In order to understand just how important and relevance of computer-aided design in technical education is, it is imperative that one understands how it relates to the world of design engineering and architecture. Since the implementation of CAD, there has been constant improvement and steady advances, making the world of architecture and engineering one that is always growing. CAD gives the user which in technical education a wonderfully accurate image that the user can work with that gives specific dimensions and pertinent information to the design whether it is a building or a product that is to be produced at a manufacturing plant.

Thinking in terms of the past, architects or engineer could only work from their drawings when it came to producing a structure from start to finish. The obvious issue with such paper drawings is that they can easily be lost or ruined. It goes without saying that losing your architectural drawings or engineering drawings can not only cost you precious time, but also a great deal of money. With the help of CAD, many architects and engineers are able to lessen their need for keeping excess paper drawings. Because all of their designs, dimensions, and specifications are saved to their preferred media, they never have to worry about drawing storage.

CAD is an incredible asset to have on your side whenever you have a tough client to deal with, or lecturer, or even co-workers or members on your team who do not quite understand your vision. Not only do you have the ability to produce two-dimensional drawings with CAD, user also has the ability to render amazing three-dimensional designs. When they have all of their design and specifications saved, they can show them their image from different angles if the need arises. Their computer-aided design will be able to show a 3-D structure that is complete with all of the fine details. All of the needs of the design are all able to be viewed by the necessary parties at the click of a...
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