1st Periodical Test in Science 6

Topics: Blood, Heart, Circulatory system Pages: 3 (1236 words) Published: October 23, 2014

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First (1st) Periodic Test
NAME: _____________________________________________ SECTION: ______________________ Direction: Read the questions carefully. Choose and write the letter of the best answer. ______1. Which of the following is not a part of a circulatory system? a. Bloodb. Brainc. heart

_______2. Which of the following is not an ailment of the circulatory system? Anemiab. bronchitisc. hemophilia
_______3. Which part of the circulatory system pumps blood in all parts of the body? Arteriesb. veinsc. heart
_______4. What do white blood cells produce which help your body fight against diseases? Anti-bodiesb. fungic. vaccine
_______5. Which is the liquid part of the blood?
Plasmab. plateletsc. red blood cells
_______6. Which disease is caused by lack of iron?
Leukemiab. anemiac. hemophilia
_______7. In which blood vessels does the exchange of gas takes place? In the heartb. in the veinsc. in the capillaries
_______8. It is commonly called a river of life.
Bloodb. arteriesc. vein
_______9. Which of the following is not good for the heart?
Balance dietb. rest and exercisec. drugs and smoking
_______10. Which chamber of blood pumps oxygenated blood?
Left atriumb. right atriumc. left ventricle
_______11. It is the control center of the nervous system.
Brainb. cerebrumc. medulla oblongata
_______12. A network of nerve cells.
a. Brainb neuronsc. medulla oblongata
_______13. Which of these is called as automatic action?
a. Reflex actionb. reflection c. reflexology
_______14. Which is the most complex of all the system in the body? Circulatoryb. muscularc. nervous
_______15. What important work is done by the spinal cord?
It interprets informationb. it protects the sense organsc. it receives and relays information _______16. Which of these are organisms that feed on dead animals and plants? Decomposerb. parasitismc. commensalism

_______17. Animals that kills or eat other...
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