1994 Dbq

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1994 1994 DBQ
During the years of the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century, imperialists in the United States continued to use expansionist points of view and projects that had been handed down from past generations. Not only did they continue these projects, they also created new ones of their own. Many citizens showed little interest in international affairs after the civil war, but with the coming of the "Age of Empire", a change in U.S. foreign policy excited citizens and the government to take over other nations for international advantage. With the help of these joined nations, United States expansionism was considered either a continuation of past U.S. expansionism projects or a departure. Expansionism and projects had only just started in the United States when Imperialism took off. Since America became an independent country, the United States competed with almost all other countries, especially Great Britain, for land. Mexico and Central and South America were all places of great interest of the Europeans, and mainly Spain and Britain. Thomas Nast's picture, "The World's Plunders," (Document A) shows how powerful countries chose to take over other, less dominant, countries for themselves in a sort-of "grab-bag" type of procedure. These countries and their desire to have control over other lands created much conflict at the time, as well as today. American and German navies almost got into a full on war over the Somoan Islands, which had always been shared between the two countries. As well, Italian and American forces nearly came to war over Chile. Another major dispute, between the United States and Britain during 1895-1896, was caused by the desire of both countires to seize control of the boundry between Oujana and Venezuela. The affair was put to an end by President Cleveland when he invoked the Monroe Doctrine, which served as an international blockade from taking over countries that did not belong to others. The...
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