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Both New England and the Chesapeake region were largely populated by the English people, by the 1700’s the region evolved into two distinct societies because of their systems and beliefs. Each region had a rich and a poor. Chesapeake was concerned more about gold, while New England was more concerned about land and settlement. This difference in development occurred because of land differences and wants by each society.

Religion was a major aspect in why difference in development occurred. The Chesapeake region had mixed religion and didn’t care about having a specific one. They intended on working together with one another. New England on the other hand was completely Puritan, and that did matter. This changed the structure of development on each of the regions. “God in this work we have undertaken…” From a puritan in document A, meaning God has helped us but now it is our turn to help ourselves.

The economics of each region were alike in certain ways, but different in many aspects. Each of the regions had a rich and a poor class. “…the condition of mankind, (that)in all times some must be rich, some poor…” Document A says just that. Everyone in every region lived with these classes knowing so but Chesapeake wanted only to get richer, while New England wanted to stick together and expand settlement. New England was willing to share and work together basically. This is something they had similar classes but completely different thoughts and ideals on how to deal with it.

As stated earlier the Chesapeake region was very concerned about gold. “The worst (among us were the gold seekers who) with their golden promises made all men their slaves in hope of recompenses.” Captain John Smith stated in Document F. The ones with the gold did all of the controlling in the region and treated everyone else poorly. In New England, did what they could together and not split up as a region, and did not have control over each other. They had a different way of...
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