1984 Propaganda Analysis
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Oceania rules it's people as a totalitarian government. Big Brother is the party's biggest source of propaganda. There are telescreens in every home that watch the party members every move. There is a scarce supply of food and history is altered daily. The people of Oceania are constantly lied to. Propaganda is key in establishing loyalty to the party.

Propaganda is used daily in Oceania. It is seen in the two minutes of hate. The two minutes is the daily activity of watching the party’s biggest enemy Goldstein. All party members are required to express deep hatred for Goldstein. The party is trying to appear as the protector of the people. By visually seeing Goldstein’s foolishness by portraying him as a goat the party is making
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Vicious is usually described something inhuman with no morals or soul. Winston uses vicious to describe children. Children are usually seen as innocent and helpless. Winston’s use of vicious helps the reader understand that these are not normal children. They are machines of the party taught to not value sympathy or relationships. They will do anything for Big Brother.

The quote by Winston the slogans, telescreens and hangings are all distractions to the junior spies. It is presented in an exciting way and therefore preoccupies the children. The more they learn about Big Brother’s greatness the more they love him. As their love for Big Brother gets stronger the love for their parents slowly diminishes as well as morality. These kids are would be willing to kill anyone to save Big Brother.

The final example of propaganda in 1984 is the daily altering of history. Everything before the party is erased and changed. Everybody is forced to alter or forget the what happened days before. The citizens are shut out. They have no control as well as no resources to put a stop to manipulation. Members of the party start to believe that Big Brother rescued them the “lucky people” from the horrors of London before the party. An example is seen when Winston opens up a recent textbook.

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