1984 Essay

Topics: Cognition, Thought, Psychology Pages: 3 (836 words) Published: December 1, 2013
George Orwell’s essay on dystopian fiction, “Politics and the English Language,” states that thought can corrupt language but language can also corrupt thought. This means words are a means of communication and can spread ideas or restrict them. It can be agreed that language can corrupt thought just as thought can corrupt language because language can be restricted into the terms that the government desires. This is because a government can dictate what people read or hear which causes people to imitate them. Also, language can be restricted to the point of which people are ignorant to the new inspirations to spark new ideas and unique words. Further, people cannot recall their pasts when a higher figure can expose them to ideas that are more believable to them that they just adopt them.

Thoughts can imitate the language that people hear or read. When people hear or read only a certain type of text, it is said that their thoughts are described as “orthodoxy, or whatever color, seems to demand a lifeless, imitative style” which implies that if people are restricted by the government, their own will won’t be enhanced to express their own unique ideas.1 People learn by seeing or hearing but if the government gets rid of a lot of potentially harmful ideas or thoughts, people can’t learn from them to manufacture ideas on their own. Since people learn from their surroundings and by example, this means they get their inspiration to freely express themselves. However, when language is restricted by the government, it doesn’t inspire people to create individual and unique ideas. They only soak up the government’s words which causes them to be “lifeless” because they are only the products of what words a government gives them.

People can be turned inward so that they don’t know anything that is happening in the world around them. Ignorance cannot lead to new ideas as countries like China can “operate a technologically, sophisticated firewall to protect the ruling...

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