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1984 comparison and contrast essay

By maksymilian0 Oct 29, 2013 472 Words
 Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and George Orwell’s 1984 dystopian novels comparison and contrast essay

Aldous Huxley and George Orwell were British 20th century writers famous for writing dystopian novels. Their novels describe fictional near future society’s that have gone wrong and although they are fictional the events and the setting of the novels were based on the history and events of the contemporary early- mid 20th century – the time when both novels were written. It was the time of events like World War 1 and 2 the rise of capitalism and communism and of people like Hitler and Stalin. The events of those days disillusioned both men and inspired them to write powerful satires on society and to worn people about the possible dangers that can happen in the future and to raise issues in politics, social matters and etc. The two books try to enlighten the reader and show him what is happening and what can really happen if societies take the course of totalitarianism, elitism and the downgrading of humans and human wrights, which was common at the time and still is, but less, in today’s world. Aldous Huxley’s novel “Brave New World” takes place in a distant future -about 500 years from now in a world state were there is a single government ruling the world. Society has evolved in a technological way: people are genetically modified into classes which forms a caste system, humans are produced in a industrial way and then conditioned to a certain type of lifestyle based on the caste that they are in. The higher castes have the better lifestyle and have access to more knowledge, though some knowledge is accessible only to people within the government. The higher classes are conditioned to a hedonistic lifestyle were they live for pleasures of promiscuous sex, orgies and drugs while the lower classes are genetically inferior and do all the systematic and routine labor. Both classes are kept ignorant of the wrongs of their society through the ban of literature, psychological and medical conditioning, promotion of anti- individualism. Since people are not conceived in a natural way they have no parents or family members, they are just units and biomaterial, which is easily replaced and interchangeable like today’s modern assembly line consumer products. George Orwell’s novel “1984” takes place in the near future after world war 2 where the world is divided by three rivaling states. Although they are at war with each other they are mirror images of each other being totalitarian states that base their power on the business of war, state censorship and surveillance. Society is made of government workers and the proletariat or the working class. The government workers are the upper class and have high living standards while the proletariat lives in poverty. The status quo is kept by

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