1984- “Big Brother Is Watching You”

Topics: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Totalitarianism, George Orwell Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: May 5, 2008
George Orwell wrote the book 1984 with a specific purpose: to warn readers of the dangers of a totalitarian government. The tone, symbolism, and diction in the book contribute to Orwell’s purpose.

Symbols are used in 1984 to show how things in everyday life are connected to the control of the Party. The symbol of “Big Brother” is one of oppression. It is everywhere. Even in Winston’s apartment complex, there is a huge poster of a face, with the words “Big Brother Is Watching You” in equally large letters underneath. These posters appear all over the city; at work, at home, pretty much everywhere. Winston wants to get away from the oppression of “Big Brother”, but no matter what he does he cannot escape. Orwell uses the symbol of the television to also convey the feeling of the Party’s control over everything. The televisions (or telescreens as they are called in the book) are used to monitor thought-crimes and are constantly exhibiting messages and such from the Party. These telescreens show how to the party controls everything, even the media. Winston is constantly troubled by the almost omniscience of the Party.

Orwell uses diction to warn readers of the hazards of totalitarian governments. When Winston gets locked up for congregating with who he thought was a leader of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood was a group of rebels, trying to overthrow the totalitarian government. After being tortured numerous times, Winston began thinking that he would be shot sooner or later.

Hatred would fill him like an enormous roaring flame. And almost in the same instant, bang! would go the bullet…They would have blown his brain to pieces before they could reclaim it. The heretical thought would be unpunished, unrepented, out of their reach for ever. To die hating them, that was freedom.

Orwell’s word choice helps the reader to understand why a totalitarian government is something we should be of.
The tone of the book is tense, depressing, and paranoid. No...
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