Topics: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Mind, Perception Pages: 3 (929 words) Published: March 2, 2014

1. How does the archive footage during the opening moments of the film prepare the audience for the story? It prepares and keeps us aware that the movie would be about homogenous, propagandas, political crimes and influences and brain washed people. It really had a negative effect on how the movie would be and how unhappy the people were.

2. How does the film present the people who watch this footage? The film presents the people as people who can’t think for themselves. They have been brain washed into believing the political parties propagandas and like the answer to question 1 everyone is homogenous, very bland, no individuality and boring.

3. Examine the following settings in the film?
Winston’s apartment- Winston’s apartment was a very old room. It looked extremely lonely to be in there and dirty. There was a chair in the corner and in a secret part of his wall was where he kept a diary of his thoughts. His apartment also looked very cold and dull and it seemed as although if he didn’t have much privacy with a tele-screen in the middle of his room watching his every move.

Winston’s office – Winston’s office was extremely crammed and small with a tele-screen of Big Brother once again. There was not much privacy and the office was pretty much the same for everyone and there really isn’t much movement to make in the office.

The cafeteria – The cafeteria was nothing exciting. Just like everything else it was dirty, crammed and extremely busy and rushed as everyone wanted their meals. There really wasn’t much room on the tables for everyone to be able to eat freely and comfortably and once again and probably it was the same throughout the whole movie, it was dull.

How do they contribute to our understanding of the issues presented? They show us the dullness of their worlds and help us understand their way of life and living how everything truly is. The crammed spaces, the amount of freedom which is close to nothing, their struggles and...
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